Inspirations, Messages and Initiations

The World War 3

Dear friends and dear sisters and brothers, both those within our cosmopolitan World and those who in the nearer or further future will join this the only permanent existence, we are at war – World War 3. Several of the World’s non-corrupt governments and various World personalities who have worked with me over the years for peace and for equal human rights have urged me to announce this. It is my obligation now as a World human rights protagonist, peace activist, educator, scientist and cosmopolitan revolutionary to inform you, prepare you and encourage you about this unfortunate event.


Final Message

The WACC has been established, and the content of this website will be available in perpetuity, to remind our human world about our main aim and responsibility – the achievement of World peace.


The Supreme Existential Devices

Cosmos and Nikola Tesla

True scientists were (and still are) rare, and true science demands quality and a properly developed personality through which the entire existential reality may be reflected, expressed and directed towards the lesser evolved. That is the reason for science to exist. True science does not exist only for the human race. True science incorporates the concept of the common good for all living beings on our planet Earth and in the entire Cosmos. A true scientist or free cosmic being has great respect for his origin (Life) – appraised without prejudice.


Holistic Cosmic Incorporation and (Re)Integration

Today, 18 December 2012, my existential and scientific responsibility, briefly, is to report to you news about this greatest of cosmic events: one that incorporates everything described and achieved (of course) up to the present, and also includes untold cosmic features or aspects. The entire space/time concept emanates from its metaphysic origin, but until now […]



An Overall Existential Reestablishment

“All of us together, all normal and working human beings, will bring a permanent peace and existential harmony to all children of the World. Then nobody will go hungry or starve, and nobody will be unhappy or lost. Dear children of the World, we are your future.”


Spirit & Matter

This book provides an overview of human evolution from before recognisable people existed to the currently most evolved person, someone with “a proper being viewpoint”, as vividly described here and called a “cosmopolitan being”.


WACC Manifest

WACC Membership

There is much multicultural wealth in the world that needs to be integrated, otherwise, there will be no suitable way to invest that huge wealth. If not invested, the world’s wealth will be destroyed by cultural and spiritual pretenders, misusers, parasites, materialists and imperialists. The greatest renaissance of the world is waiting for us to participate.


Programmes of WACC

We are open to all existing associations, foundations and organizations of the world who work for freedom, justice, and for a better world – please come and link with us. If our aims are the same, then the different names, terms, experience and knowledge should not separate us. Some differences are to be expected – they are inherent in our cultural wealth, but we should not let anything interfere with our integration.