Inspirations, Messages and Initiations

Surprise, Surprise

Our will and love, intelligence and intuition for our mutual existence must be accomplished – as soon as possible. This is the core meaning of our existence, and the countless existential aspects – their proper and meaningful use – are dependent upon the quality of individual will and love in harmony with the quality of our collective or mutual will and love. These are our infinite and permanent existential pillars.


Joseph S. Rendulich – A true citizen of the Cosmos, or Life or Nature

This, of course, is my real identity – incorporating integrity and dignity – a true citizen of the Cosmos, or Life or Nature. Joseph S. Rendulich is my formal or symbolic identity of which I have no reason to be especially proud or ashamed. All cultures worldwide are good or normal as are their historic inevitable development and background, but the misuse or abuse of cultures opposes their true meaning.


The Supreme Existential Devices

Existential Pulsating Waves (EPW)

“Dear and free citizens of the Cosmos and all universes with the Cosmos as their existential heart, from one hour to the other and from one day to the other you all will be witnessing the might, the beauty and the natural means of our existence. I have nothing further to add because we all have already done what was important and have made our contribution through the heaviest period of our current cosmic being evolution, which was based on a slow and a long evolutional horizontal polarity and the painful development of conditional existential aspects. Now, in this infinite vertical existential polarity era, which couples with both conditional and unconditional existential aspects of our holistic existence, we have become what we were supposed to be – living holistic beings of the living holistic Cosmos. Enjoy your/our infinite cosmopolitan era.”


Final to Be or Not to Be, to Live or Not to Live

(Remember that this always was due to us and our existential freedom) Dear citizens of the free cosmopolitan World and all those who are on the way to becoming free, cosmopolitan and a part of the one holistic existence – let us continue down the river of Life. Since my last existential/scientific report, there have […]



The Psychology of the Cosmos

Our coexistence with the Cosmos is our true existence, and is in complete accord with the psychology of the Cosmos and our own psychology. The Cosmos and we, the countless cosmic beings, are one.


WACC Manifest

WACC Membership

There is much multicultural wealth in the world that needs to be integrated, otherwise, there will be no suitable way to invest that huge wealth. If not invested, the world’s wealth will be destroyed by cultural and spiritual pretenders, misusers, parasites, materialists and imperialists. The greatest renaissance of the world is waiting for us to participate.


Programmes of WACC

We are open to all existing associations, foundations and organizations of the world who work for freedom, justice, and for a better world – please come and link with us. If our aims are the same, then the different names, terms, experience and knowledge should not separate us. Some differences are to be expected – they are inherent in our cultural wealth, but we should not let anything interfere with our integration.